Umbrella School

Umbrella School Information for K-8 and High School

OliveTree is a hybrid school offering support for parents who are homeschooling by teaching subjects for them.
We are not an Umbrella School.  We do not offer private school transcripts and diplomas for high school students.
There are several options for families to pursue this elsewhere. OliveTree does not officially endorse any of these options. Families will need to do their own research to find the option that is best for them.

Non-Umbrella School Option:
Keep records yourself and issue a home school transcript and diploma.  With this option you report your state testing scores in grades 3,5,7,9,11 to the public school. You keep record of attendance, hours, curriculum and assignments at home.

Umbrella School Options for K-8 and High School transcripts and diplomas:
Use an umbrella private school that will collect your grades and issue a private school transcript and diploma for a fee. Umbrella schools also keep a record of hours, assignments, curriculum, and state test scores for those families that do not want to report to the public school.

Private Umbrella School Options: (there may be more, but this is who we recommend)

1. CHESS in Greeley

-Diploma Program, $155 per semester; Private School Diploma and optional Graduation Ceremony
-Independent Private School (Umbrella School), $75 per family per year

2. FACE in Westminster.

Family (Pre-K – 12th Grader) – $100 per family per school year (covers whole family)
High Schooler (9th – 11th Graders) – $75 per student per school year (in addition to Family Enrollment)
High School Senior (12th Graders) – $210 per student (in addition to Family Enrollment)
FACE students have an opportunity to apply for National Honor Society.

3. CHEC –

Christian Home Educators of Colorado offers only the umbrella option of keeping hours and test grades so that families do not have to report to the public school. They do not offer High School transcripts. But, they do offer other perks that should be considered.
Initial fee to open a file is $25 per family
After that, it’s only $15 for each time scores are submitted

These are all options that a family can pursue- OliveTree is not associated with any of
these options. Families would have to meet the requirements laid out by each individual school.
All information on requirements and pricing would need to be verified by the families talking directly with the school.
If you have any questions, or we can help you in any way with this, please contact
Barbara Frasco at